Our Services

Leadership Hiring

Right approach and right networking is of utmost importance, when working on Leadership Positions & C-suite hiring mandates. Guided by our experience & success factor in this domain, we can contribute by identifying and recruiting suitable leaders from the respective industry.

360-Degree Recruitment

We can be your hiring partner and contribute throughout the recruitment process i.e., from creation of job position to joining of the candidate. This way we will provide our step-by-step support and ease of the hiring burden from your shoulders.

Executive Search

Our well-structured process is the foundation of our executive search methodology. Our perspective to align strategy & value addition can be helpful for organizations to attract and hire right fit candidates.

Global Hiring

We can assist you in your hiring for the global operations. Especially if you are targeting the qualified talent pool from India. Also, we can support you if you have any interim arrangement or no presence in India and looking forward to having presence in the Indian market.

HR Assessments

In addition to our full fledged recruitment services, we can also work as your trusted candidate assessment partner. Do let us know in case you have a pre-selected or identified pool of candidates / job applicants and are looking for an unbiased fair assessment.

Middle Management Positions

We equally understand the importance of middle management positions, as these position holders play key role in implementing business strategy into business operations. Hence, we assist organizations to identify & employ high potential Department Heads / Managers to fulfill their business needs.

Permanent Staffing

We believe that value addition by an employee in an organization can only happen over a period of time and therefore permanent staffing always remains our focus area. At all management levels, we aim to present qualified, committed and dedicated candidates having long term vision to work for the company.

Office Search

Having right business address matters and many business organizations find it a daunting task to identify, visit & select the appropriate business place. As a result, most of them end up either paying more than the market value or settle for office space not matching with the cultural ethos and the brand name. We can be your partner-on-ground to perform this activity and show desirable results.

Business Promotion & Events

Are you looking forward to doing business promotion in India. This could be a nice idea and we can associate with you to explore the possibilities for creating a market for your product or service.